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Description: Olivia is a little fussy, she doesn't want to go out in public in a thick, crinkly diaper and little girl dress, but Aaliyah still dresses her up and forces her out. At the mall Aaliyah picks out dresses meant for a little girl and holds them up to her to check the size in the store where everyone can see her. It isn't long before she is glad she is wearing a diaper and wets herself while Aaliyah shops, and the two are off to go into the dressing room for Olivia to try on all her new dresses. She twirls and has a great time playing dress up, but now her tummy isn't happy and messes her diaper in the dressing room. Luckily for her Aaliyah has been carrying a diaper bag and takes her into the bathroom to change her messy diaper. ... Read More
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